The North and South 2012

Major cities, the mulitudes, THE MASSES, why do you leave the South? What difference have you made, what good?

Take your foot out of the door, sit down and shut-up. How do you delay a train?

How do major cities become major cities and why? Remember, when folk in the south said they were moving to the Nortth to escape JIM CROW and to live a better life? What happened? Were they tricked into tricking themselves? heavy traffic I'm in our Nation’s Capital today and observing WTFU is going on and I am more appalled today than yesterday. So many people, the multitudes, with so few caring, but they want you to care about them. cnn building Many migrated from the South to the North for what and what changed? What’s better about the North than the South? Are things more affordable or more ridiculously priced? Is the food fresher or shipped from even further away? Is housing more affordable or more expensive? So just what did those folk do who moved from the South to the North? saggin Are the people more well-off or worse-off?

There seems to be two large categories of folk in the north these days and they are,,, Those with jobs and those without; and those without far out number those with. Hence, crimes, especially cronyism and corruption, the very same crimes they moved to escape in the south. In the north even more people are plagued by these crimes, at alarming rates. Lady with stick Is it a better place to raise our children, grow with our families...Yet, all of this is acceptable? The same crimes for which they left to escape are even more than from where they left.

The reason for this All

The reason for this ALL!!!

Have we run out? Do we really know for what we're asking? Is this all for a job? What happens when you get it? Where did they go and why do we keep saying there are enough jobs... They pay you $100 and take back $99, for the first year and more after that.

Are major cities offering more opportunities? More chaos and confusion worth more DEAD END opportunities.

Love from the heart

(((your inner


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