Wanting Nothing or Little In Life

Many think it is okay to say and want nothing or little out of life. It is so ingrained, saying it has become a habit. After you say it so long, it becomes you.

But when you really think about it, they do not have a choice. "Root, Hog or Die", to live, that is what a hog "has" to do. There are some things we must do inorder to survive.

For those us who are self-centered, may think we are that way for many good reasons, but relationships are life. While we allow people we come in contact with a peek into our window of life and present an an opportunity for them to get involved. You are hoping they would only help and certainly would not hurt.

They want to get out of jail on a promise to pay. They make commitments they can not and do not intend to keep. For fear of turning you off, they talk about something else, usually, somebody else's business.

With experience and over time we build these hard shells and caring them into each new relationship. No matter how nice people are to us, our shell is in place. Not perfect but nice. And then, out of nowhere, you want more, but they are happy.

Now, you both have hard shells...

The challenge is to take nothing and make something. Inspiring each other the whole way, until death do us part. You see, some will do just enough to get you; they are not concerned about building anything together.

The words work and relationship has two different meanings. Somewhere, somebody missed a giant step, somewhere just before you started abusing each other. Keep in mind; you had a hard shell when you came in.

You have lost the ability to set aside differences, let go, smooth over,,,that's what your hard shell is for. Why did you not catch it early on?

Thinking of yourself, you might want to take another look. Life is short and not a by-yourself ordeal. Material possessions are no indication of ones character but their ability to keep things, allowed into your life, together is. That is the test of a person who wants to experience all life has to offer, not all they have to offer.

We make mistakes, better is how we recover from them?

What are you doing, Nothing. I always say, that response is going to send more people to hell. I didn't want nothing but.... Work, I disable, this illness, I can't walk, run or sit for long periods of time. I can cruise, fly... Why should I help anybody else. The street corner is fine for me. I ain't going to do nothing... You start to hustle each other, one refusal after the next.

Neither is willing to give nor forgive in. Here comes another nothing, no matter how important you think you are. The ability and opportunity for dialogue are closed and you are going to do nothing. They just ain't worth it. What if they thought like that before you.

Life and life more abundantly.

What happens to people who want nothing or very little out of life?

What happens when you surround yourself with people who want nothing or very little out of life?

To be a better people?

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