Now Faith

Thank God for the faith of our fathers and experiences of our past

In our modern technological world of today, faith has taken on a new meaning. The constant hearing of sirens, mass media vehemently seeking and reporting vile news, the techno world of our youth and economic crisis should be indicators that our "Now Faith" is shaky. It did not start today, it started yesterday, with a bunch of weak and greedy old heads.

Now, there is no such thing as easy, but do you not think we can clearly see where we are leading ourselves? We are fooling ourselves. I am not saying, pickup the book and follow me, but do take a serious look at what we are doing to ourselves, wakeup and turn around before it is too late. I want to live a good life, do you not? You are pricing me off the map.

I am just trying to show you, by our own actions we are destroying all we and our ancestors have worked for. Let us just take a regular funeral for example. Something that is supposed to be and you would think is not a profit margin. You know what I mean! Well, guess what, funerals are at the top of the list for profit margins--Funeral Expenses and Burial Insurance.

So who do we turn to for answers? Us. Why? Especially, when we claim to be on the right track?

I would like to suggest more "Now Faith" and because we do not have any better books, why not start with the Good Book, so we can better live by the same principles?

It is upto us, we can keep playing the tech game while all else goes to hell or we can wakeup to the faith of our ancestors, pick up the Good Book, evoke more "Now Faith" and make our lives and the lives of future generations better?

Does not that sound more promising? Great hope for space travels but false hope for a "descent" burial? What is decent burial?

Now Faith! Enjoy and I hope this sparks a change for a better life.

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