Nudity Sin or Saint

Sometimes what is socially acceptable is more harmful than the taboo we create.

A need to bare arms for protection, is there a need to bare clothes for your body? What about clothing your body as a fashion statement or a status symbol?

Is nudity a sin and taboo? With all the important stuff we have to do in the nude, how does nudity become so taboo and sinful? How does nudity translate to “indecent exposure”, “ashamed and disgraceful”?

The opposite of being nude is being clothed. The most important reason for clothing is to protect yourself from the elements, how did that become “from each other”?

Do we really have a good sense of what is good and decent? What about high priced fashions? How did we go from protecting the body to placing such high value on the clothes we wear? That question is posed to the most wasteful capitalistic consumerism society in the world? To what do those standards translate? Is it a taboo/sin to reveal your naked body to the opposite gender? Yes, but no! How can that be?

Why is nudity always presented in a negative light? We have made clothes our fashion statement and status symbol.

What is it that we have to hide and from whom are we hiding it? Our sense of beauty is increasingly in what we can do to ourselves to fool ourselves. Religion, Christians, Muslims! To compensate for the taboo and our sinful nature in nudity, we spiral out of control in the other direction. We have placed so much value on the clothes we wear that clothes have become our God.

Nudity is used to deny and clothes are used as a right of passage to anything good and decent in our society. The more value we place on the clothing we wear the more sinful? Just another example of how capitalism and consumerism causes us to destroy us.

Nudity is harmless as long as we accept and respect, the same as we are supposed respect and accept everything else in nature! Your body is apart of you and apart of the world, what is there to be ashamed of? Your body is your unique presentation to the rest of the world.

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