We talk about change, fundamental change and differences!

Obedience as it has to do with fundamental change and differences? In our most recent past we have had to deal with gross corruption and cronyism, because of a people who failed to be obedient to their own word. Disobedience has caused us to be divided as a nation, one side threatening to overthrow the other. Therefore, as a people we were struggling and fighting with ourselves just to hold on. These efforts have helped to create and harbor unnecessary high stress levels and violent behavior. Essentially, the general population of America, one of the most civil and riches countries, has been living on a ticking time bomb. That is what being disobedient does for you — -self-destruction.

Thank God we have realized that. So, today, 20 January 2009, we the people, are pledging and vowing to a much needed change. The HOPE is that it is not too late. The challenges facing our country are too great, and our journey to change America is just beginning.

Last evening, I heard a few TV news anchor persons discussing what they perceive President Barack Obama to be talking about, in hope and change. They said neither of these two are policy or law, meaning he can not be held accountable for doing nothing. When you look, our past got us to where we are today. Most of our laws and policies are great, but our leaders had failed to properly follow and enforce them. Now, you know the bigger problem was not former laws and policies, but our leaders were not obedient in carrying them out. Hence, hope for the majority of Americans was lost. So to bring about the much needed change, it does not demand new laws and policies, as much as it demands obedience from the people responsible for carrying them out or seeing they are carried out.

Now, you can not force a person to be obedient, but you can reason with most disobedient people by playing fair. Once we have accomplished that, people will desire to be more obedient and fundamentally change. That is the type of change great families, communities and nations are built upon. Obedience is our goal and fundamental change is the way to get there. Obedience is for love and requires discipline.

Obedience to Your faith, self and to other. Our actions prove our obedience and disobedience. Our future depends on it. Can we do it? Can we save ourselves? Where does it start? OR are we depending on one or two people?

I look forward to working side-by-side with you in the months and years ahead. aRt


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