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Flying Expands in Milledgeville, GA

cessna 172

Milledgeville's "Flying Duo" Charlie and John, Oconee Aviation!

ORMC from the air by Oconee Aviation
Oconee Regional Medical Center, Aerial Photo by Oconee Aviation

    Oconee Aviation provides: "top notch" Pilots and Photography!

  • CUSTOM AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY with a creative and professional touch, super high resolution aerial photography for quality and service on which you can depend.

  • FLYING LESSONS! LEARN TO FLY, private or professional, with Personalized One-on-One Lessons from Charlie!

  • AERIAL TOURS AND SIGHT-SEEING, MILLEDGEVILLE AND SURROUNDING AREAS! Do more, see more, experience more for less! What better way to see and experience the fun and excitement of visiting Milledgeville. A once in a life time expericence and opportunity?


Choosing the right company with whom to FLY and/or LEARN can be a difficult choice, private or professionally? At Oconee Aviation "safety and security" is first and CUSTOM AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY is the specialty - two for one!

I personally know Charlie enough to know he is dedicated to his profession, Aviation and would give you his very best. Experience, both civilian and military, I don't think you could fly or learn to fly with a better person! Phone or email Oconee Aviation for more information.

Flying Milledgeville and surrounding areas, Oconee Aviation highly recommended!

Cessna 172

Milledgeville Living, Take the Magazine Tour!.

Oconee Aviation
Charles M. Stanley, Pilot and Onwer
276 Barrows Ferry Rd., N.E.
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone: (478) 452-2556
Cell: (478) 251-0366
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