Off the Crack

From where do you get that?

Wild dogs work in a pack in order to survive? Can rivals be in a pack? Survive what and does that apply to me? How does an old bull get old?

People always want to know? Do you or don't you? Will you or won't you?

They say, Off the crack and on the backboard, what do they mean? Does it really matter, because you're in control?

I've often wondered to whom are they talking, why do they desire to maintain control? Why do I think not? Does thinking not, make it so?

Why are we so vulnerable to attack, one up the middle and flanked on both sides, do they even lie ahead. Cornered, is it my direction or am I being pursued?

If not, then why am I running? The act of running, what does it mean?

You say alot of things, but is there an enemy up ahead? Would she be your enemy? Am I trapped, is this their attack strategy, why do I fear?

Lessons are learned, why does a lion attack a deer, will it ever change, how?

What do you do between attacks? How was the last attack, did you survive, are you terrified?

Terrified, I submit, terrorized I fight back, so why does wealthy rule this land. Why are must you have it? Are those without less than those who aren't?

At what are you skilled, then why, Off the crack and off the backboard, are you helping or hurting? I think about vulnerability, our very young, sick and our elderly? If there' nothing wrong with you, then what's the problem?

What will hunting together net you? Are your chance better off alone? HOw do you know?

Drugs and sports or is it drugs and sports or is it just sports? If you can be a Professional Ball Player, you can be a Professional Anything, but not the other way around.

How can you hide from your own self? Why would you make yourself think that? Does it help camouflage you from why?

We are their prayer and prey. Priority goes to babies, the sick and the elderly. Is this Mother Nature's way of maintaining a healthy balance, is it the people who run this country?

Do you run anything and is it just as important as crack? Death seem to be preferable to taking another step. Once infected, there is no cure.

Step on a crack and break you mama's back, true or false? And there is always,,,,how do you know...

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(((your inner

Are you telling me truths? Your not liking me, what does that mean? What does it mean when one person does not like another? Is it that they don't like the person, their attitude, behavior or some combination of all of the above?

Do I threaten you? What does that mean? Does it mean one of the two have got to go or can we be in a love war?

Why would anyone teach themselves to dislike themselves? Does it feel, is there some satisfaction gained by letting them know that you know. You don't know me and I don't know you, so why do we feel all that necessary? Is that the way you submit? Is it hiking up your tale so I can smell?

What about if you just don't give a damn, then why off the crack and off the backboard? Why can't I live this life without them? People who live in this country and have the brains, the heart, the wisdom, the guts to standup and say, this evil. What we're doing is evil?

Why should you put off dealing with evil? Does bad ever get better with time? Are you submitting to good or evil? Now, put the shoe on the other foot? Is it alright that I whip your ass while you be patient? Should you abuse me until I can do better.

You know we have some sick ass people who enjoy preying on older people. Really, you should invite their sick asses to read this? You can give them room and board and every time, they will give you their asses to kiss.

Not everyone will tolerate this kind brutal, primal, coward violence and abuse. And you think those assholes want to live in the same world with us. Rivals! Cowards breed cowards???

You say fruitless, hypnotic, why would anyone care if no one like them? Have we learned anything from Native Americans? Live or perish, where is the inbetween?

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Art@your inner

How will you think today?

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