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Milledgeville, Georgia

Hi, I am Mollie Vandiver, owner of Old Capitol Treasures. I too share the vision of "Preserving the Past and Planning for the Future".

Milledgeville, former Georgia State Capitol, is a small town, with great historical treasures and a commanding history.

Old Capitol Treasures, located Downtown Historical Milledgeville, is in walking distance of many of these attractions, including the Old State Capitol Building and the Old Govenor's Mansion. Old Capitol Treasures is a great place to discover many of the treasures and enjoy a variety of art and cultural memorabilia, in Milledgeville.

The public is also invited to share, by purchasing a booth and/or bringing memorabilia.

Purchasing a booth. Once approved, participating merchants are responsible for the safety, display, maintenance and spoilage of individual booths. The termination of booths, remain the sole discretion of the owner, Old Capitol Treasures.

Bringing memorabilia (artifacts, heirlooms, and attic treasures). If a participant plans to bring objects, for consideration, those items should be prioritized for our consultant. (Follow-up appointments may be made at the consultant's discretion.) Objects should be no larger than what one person can comfortably carry by hand.

Larger items will be seen by appointments only.

We invite you to join our team and share our vision, here at Old Capitol Treasures---Mollie Vandiver

For additional information, contact us by phone at: 478-451-0556 or mail us at: Mollie Vandiver, 110 South Wayne Street Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
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