Old Capitol Treasures

Ground Floor

Old Capitol Treasures Ground Floor, photo by Craig Coleman

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Known as the Antebellum Capitol of Georgia, Milledgeville is a wonderful example of Southern charm and beauty. It's a great destination for causal tourists and history buffs, and Old Capitol Treasures is in the heart of it all.

Treasures from top to bottom, wall to wall and we love sharing them. This is just the ground floor... Upstairs is also available for your browsing pleasure.

Treasures: When we say, "treasures", we mean quality, collectibles, historical memorabilia; a class of items which have proven themselves in the finest homes by some of the finest homemakers and Artists, Africa to Asia. But as you may know, you can not take treasures with you, so we offer them a second chance.

We admire them and get them at a bargain and we pass that bargain on to our customers. One stop shopping at Old Capitol Treasures! We love our work.

Has anybody seen Mollie lately? Good Golly Miss Mollie, awop-bop-a-loo-bop-alop-bam-boom!

In Milledgeville, do not miss out! Stop by! Visit us! Our doors are always open and our customers are always welcome.

See you soon.

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