Old Out New In

Out with the old and in with the new!

We the people are tired of suffering, excuses and no good answers, why this cannot happen? Why do we make matters so complicated and much more complicated than they ever need to be?

“We”, the people of the world, have something very rich culturally which has a bearing on the entire world and in order to use it most efficiently and effectively, we need new blood, hence the term: Out with the old and in with the new. We need a new method of combat, one we know works, have always worked and always will work; so we can begin rebuilding.

Theoretically in 2010, if people start now via an internet campaign, "we can clean the house”. We should have started yesterday. Keep the good and say goodbye to the bad!

A combat and campaign that conveys messages of unison, highlighting common denominators and needs between different cultures, and bridging cultural, ethnic and political divides. A whole new mentality of people who want to work together by working together for the same cause and that is for the betterment of the whole – Less government and more peaceful people.

More important in cleaning the house is to clean your own house first, making your own house as self-sufficent as possible. Does this not make sense? Is it not doable? Can we survive without it?

There are so many ways to accomplish this, without the use of violence. Regular clear-thinking people united and winning back our freedom and future. Help restore honor and truth in our country and teh world.

My plan is to accomplish this through farming - No farms No food.

That new blood is you

(((your inner voice.com)))

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