Facing Opposition

“I am here taking a stand for what I believe is right. But Lord, I must confess that I’m weak now, I’m faltering. I’m losing my courage. Now, I am afraid. . . . The people are looking to me for leadership, and if I stand before them without strength and courage, they too will falter. I am at the end of my powers. . . . I can’t face it alone.”--Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King later wrote, “At that moment I experienced the presence of the Divine as I never experienced Him before. It seemed as though I could hear the quiet assurance of an inner voice saying, ‘Stand up for righteousness, stand up for truth; and God will be at your side forever.’ Almost at once my fears began to go. My uncertainty disappeared. I was ready to face anything.”--Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Lord, help me stand upon Your rock of Truth And never trust myself to sinking sand; Whenever I am faced with evil powers, I’ll call upon Your strong and mighty hand." —Hess

Peace, not panic.

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