Overcoming fears FULFILLING passions

Slow down. Breathe deeply and slowly let it out. Listen and let it slowly soak in. Absorb it.

Are you the person for your dream job? Let me rephrase that, your passions, are they worth having? Are you willing to work for them? Do you have what it takes? Can you do it? Can you stick to your oath, your family oath? Does your family have an "oath"? By what code does your family live? What about respect for family members. What did your parents teach you about fighting and loving?

Before fulfilling a passion you must overcome a fear? Before fulfilling your passions, you must overcome your fears.

Let's go down the list, how many fears do you have? Which passion is the most important?


Let's say your greatest fear is passion, then be compassionate. Don't every single person need compassion? Is compassion more important than silver and gold? Will you starve or prosper by showing compassion? Who benefits from "you" showing passion?

Now your greatest fear has met your greatest passion, which will you pursue? Which will you allow to take control, to give our best for America's best? How much does it cost to show compassion? Who benefits from your compassion?

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