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penis festival

Male fertility rite

What a relief? How sweet it is! Now, if I can get this right, there would be a whole lot less stress. Where do I put my photo? Don't think about it!

You can never find a giant 12 foot penis when you need one and if you happen to have any version of the above it is nearly impossible to find a proper place to exercise it.

There is "The Great Penis Festival". Reckon it's worth a trip to Japan to get a good lesson in the male fertility right or rite!

Reckon America could do it better, I mean we are one of the most technologically advanced countries, why don't we do this, if nothing more than to show our humbleness and realism.

Being an American, I am sure we are too dignified to participate in such a festival. Although we are the world's most notorious freaks, we are too hypocritical to admit it.

The truth; more than likely we would received such an undertaking as perverted, repulsive and should be censored, from who?

Being the egotistical male I am, I take great pleasure and think any self-serving male would welcome the opportunity, honor and support this age old tradition. It is a good feeling in knowing such a thing exist some where in the world and there are people, regular poor dirt farmers, open enough to express it. Hummm,,, bizarre male fertility rite.

Talking about bizarre male fertility rite, other than the 12 foot long wooden penis, what is so bizarre about it? Is it not more bizarre to repulse the most sensual acts of nature?

Now, put the wooden one away, integrate those penises and take honor in your ability to fertilize all your women.

Enjoy and on the next March 15, HAPPY PENIS DAY! Women look out because The America Male is about to wake-up. I Wish you Enough and great success in fertility...Art,,,Thanks for sharing.

Komaki, Japan, Penis Festival, Chiwawa Matsuri.

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