Long live the Queens!

For being a good global citizen, you deserve a "Pat on the Back!

Because you did it. It is all about CHANGE and You got something started. Intentionally or unintentionally, International and National, you did it. A mutual and spontaneous display of affection, from the bottom, up and it started at the top! Don't we need as much as we can get?

Acts of kindness do not go without being rewarded. So while "we" got it going, let us keep up the great work. Why keep it locally? Spread the good news as far and as fast as you can. Let us encourage each other!

In a kind matter, Reach out and touch somebody, starting with yourself.

Daily, make sure you do something, at least one thing, worthy of patting yourself on the back. Share it with kindness. Ask a friend, "Did they do something worthy of patting themselves on the back? If they did, then; with their permission, act accordingly.

If they did not, remind them of your intentions.

We pickup a lot of bad habits, we have removed prayer, “merry” …, we have made a lot of mistakes and we pass around a lot of foolish things. Then, when it comes to "good stuff", oh well! What do we do? Can not think? That is me sometimes, but I try to reciprocate. Again it reminds me of the lions and the wilder beasts, how can all those wilder beasts allow a few lions to make a kill? The Kindness Chain.

Further, I join in with Better Living in the celebration of a WORLD WIDE, Global, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK DAY, Jul 24. Why not globally? This is one good thing "we can do" Globally. Globally, - a day to acknowledge, to family and friends, "one thing" that you are pleased with yourself for doing and pat yourself on the back. Then celebrate by gently patting each other on the back.

Nothing more, nothing less... A day to celebrate a great cause, for a good global citizen.

Everyday and July 24. Pat yourself on the back and come July, 24, Worldwide Pat Yourself On The Back Day, let us celebrate together.

Art and thank you for sharing!

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