Path of Least Resistance

Should you take that path?

Are we looking for the easiest way in life? What does your job do for you? Is it throwing you further and further off track? Are your benefits really worth it? Or is it that you just don't care, will take a chance? This is what happens when you take a chance like that:

What about the easiest way? How does that work with structure? Do you take the easy and I the hard? What is the most sought after bird in America? Which bird has or is in the greatest demand? What defines the most sort after bird and who defines it? Based on supply and demand, which bird is most in demand? Why would that be so important to know?

How do we come to the most sought after bird in America? Which bird do you like most? Which bird do you most often purchase? Which bird is the most affordable? Which bird do you find most in every grocery store?

Are you think or do you know? The path of least resistance is the least obstructive way to get where you want to go, but does not necessarily mean you may utilize it? Water flows on the path of least resistance. But water is not a human being, nor does it have a life line? So what if it runs off a cliff?

A human being must consider and examine many things before they embark upon any journey, especially the path of least resistance. Do you need resistance in order to live a healthy life? What happens when your levels of resistance are too low? The Most Important Day of Your Life What is the best day of your life? Do you know how people talk about the most important day of their lives?

We profess to know. We are upset when others do not act accordingly or as expected? You missed the most important day of my life.

What about the most important day in your career? How many important days do you have? Would your wedding be one of them? Does it work like that until the shoe is on the other foot?

What about the most important day in the life of others? What do you do to interact with them? How do you know? What if someone accuses you of missing the most important day of their lives? Are they saying you do not care, your priorities are off, ability to manage or are they just doing their best to make you feel guilty? Are they trying to throw you off?

People are a damn trip and I do not know why. Why would anyone rather tell a lie? Why would anyone try to force you?

The first day of you life being the absolute most important, the absolute best….People argue that point. You must not think about it… You wasting your time…

What is the best day in the life of anyone? The first day of your life is the best, the absolute most important day of your life. You couldn’t do shit if it was not for the first day of your life.

Today is the second best day of your life. Your first day is your best day!`

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