Paying Bills And Our Country

What does paying our bills have to do with our country?

Paying bills means paying someone else’s salary. How and why are we doing that? What does it bring in return?

Americans are struggling more than ever to find and maintain healthy jobs. We are finding it even more difficult to pay bills and the American job market is quickly declining—why?

Each time I purchase a new product or service, I am thinking of the value of that product or service to me. Very seldom do I think about the salaries of the people providing that product or service, the real value. All the hard work and effort they must have put forth to create this product or service, that I did not.

Now, here is where it gets a bit confusing, the product or service was made or provided by persons living in another country, let’s say China. I have nothing against China, but they have a way of doing things cheaper. Now, the biggest problem is, if I am going to pay someone’s salary, why would I choose to pay the salary of someone who lives half way around the globe? Why not the salaries of those closer to me? Trade surplus soared on strong foreign demand for Chinese-made clothes and electronics. America is relative new at this civilization game compared to China being an ancient civilization; China has already figured it out.

How can we pay bills without a job? How can we get a job without being able to easily start small businessess? How can we stimulate a dead economy? How long can we as a country last with these kinds of business and financial practices? My family is struggling financially and I take our last earned pennies, go to China and purchase products and services, come back home and sell them for a profit. Though I profit myself, I have just circumvented my own business and financial systems. In the long term, I am cutting the throat of my family members. What just happened to the incentives of my struggling family to produce real products and services? What just happened to potential jobs of my struggling family? The more I do this, the more jobs I cut out. Eventually, Americans will have no money to buy items made in China, because we have no real jobs. What can we sell to China?

Our country has just gone down the tube with this import/export stuff. We cannot afford to buy American made products and services. Further, the corner store, who owns it? And we wonder why our job market and economy is quickly declining? It is depressing!

As the most populous state in the world, China is an ancient civilization and they are keeping it that way. They have a way of keeping themselves constructively employed, by keeping their work force in great demand, plus they can come over to our home and beat us at our own game; while we just keep getting deeper and deeper in debt, losing jobs and getting overweight. We have become lazy and we do not want to work, unless we are getting cheap labor. Employees do not want to work because they feel they are being under paid. When I look at small businesses, they go faster than they come, hence higher unemployment. Further, our pay scale does not match our life style choices.

A proper balance of import/export is healthy, but left unmonitored, one country will succumb to the other. We cry about illegal immigrants, blacks, east Indians, when most of the products we use are made in China. How are we paying? What are Americans getting in return? If you are not careful, you will be funding the very businesses that are out to destroy you--BP.

If I wanted to start a business, first I would catch hell getting the money, don't mention credit. Then, it would be the costly start up fees. Then, it would be the over inflated building costs and job market. My hands are tied, what can I do?

It is becoming increasingly harder for regular Americans to start their own businesses. In fact, we are losing businesses and jobs due to cut-throat business practices and we only have ourselves to blame.

Look where these cut throat business practices have gotten us today? Then when you can not pay your bill, what happens? Americans have to get back to basics, as quickly as possible, if we are going to be the self-sustaining nation of which we boast.

From the bottom up,,,your inner

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