Peer Pressure

It is all about what others think of me. How are you doing, when they really just want to know that you are still beneath them?

The job market has significantly contributed to the loss of self-confidence in ones own abilities. Trying to impress peers and superiors now, your faith is up for compromise. All those evaluations making you believe, they know more about you than you know about yourself. So now, to whom are you listening? Here we go with this double life. It is one way on the job and another at home.

Really home has become secondary to the work place. Our faith has become secondary to job skills, when they should be one and the same. Still that does not authorize you to go with the flow. That notion is starting to change again and that is a good thing if we prepare ourselves. You say, I can not make ends meet, He says, I will supply all your needs and they are supplied, we just have to have the confidence to recognize and share. You say, it is not worth it, He says, it will be, just keep on going. He has given you the wisdom to do his will and will never leave you alone nor forsake you. You say, you would rather depend upon what your peers say.

Do you have the last word? Do you really want it?

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