People of Authority???

Doing more and more stupid shit? Who actually runs America? Think about that as you read this?

We have taken the you and I out and replaced it with THEM/THEY, but who is "they". They are responsible for everything. A man's word is not longer his bond and he feels responsible for nothing. Really, if you are not one of those people of authority, nobody gives a shit about what you have to say, no matter how critical it may be.

That's sad isn't it? We listened to and publicized what a dumb ass preacher says about predicting the end of the world, knowing there could not be true and even if it was, what could we do? But, we will not listen to our own common sense. We do not want to be responsible. You do not even believe you have a voice, but you think you are saved? You do not believe, what you do or fail to do affects the whole world, but you think the world cannot go without you. We have learned to strive for individual credit.

How can one person of authority do/Be any more or less than ONE PERSON? You think on all the people we honor and give so much credit, but none of them would agree they did it all by themselves. So why do we single them out, to be placed upon a pedestal, only recognizing ONE (1)? How does one person of authority persuade the masses to do stupid shit?

How can the parts be greater than the sum of the whole? That is because you do not listen to your own self. How can you obey another without first obeying yourself? When you betray yourself, what are you doing? What happens to your self-worth?

We have 50 news companies, all forcing you to lie to their advantage and your desire to climb their ladder of success is your excuse. Today, it is unthinkable to think otherwise? Get a job, but where are the jobs? Get a job, but the criteria is getting harder and harder? Don't that tell you something?

Somebody says this is my opinion, but where is yours? What exactly do you have to offer? Then, why do you follow people of authority, knowing they are as wrong as two left shoes on two right feet, always was and show no signs of remorse? Money

The value added as a whole is significantly greater than simply the sum of any one individual effort, no matter how great it may appear.

(((your inner


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