The Perfect Match Contest!


Who is your Perfect Match, "hand-to-glove" fit?

This week YOU get to be the bearer of good news AND possibly the bearer of a life-changing gift for a friend, relative, neighbor or colleague.

Announcing the latest SiteSell Facebook Contest...

-- "The Perfect Match For SBI! eLearning Challenge"--

Do you know someone who is ready to turn an entrepreneurial dream into his or her own REAL e-business? Make it happen by writing a short essay (350 words or less) about WHY this person is a perfect match, a "hand-to-glove" fit so to speak, for SBI! eLearning!

There are 2 SBI! eLearning prizes up for grabs! Your essay, if chosen, could win an SBI! eLearning course for someone within your circle.

Imagine the "THANK YOU" you'll get for your generous efforts on his or her behalf! :-) Now that's what I call taking the "help-and-be-helped" spirit of SBIers to the next level!

Complete details about "The Perfect Match For SBI! eLearning Challenge" are available here...

Help put someone special on the road to personal and financial freedom!

(((your inner

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