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Consumer demand is increasing for locally-grown produce, and for those who do not mind doing a little work, pick-your-own-produce farms provide a source for consumers to obtain fresh produce at lower prices than retail.

I would like to join the ranks of those advertising pick-your-own-produce farms. If you have or know of a good PICK-YOUR-OWN-FARM, feel free to add your favorite farm to our list below.

    When visiting pick-your-own-produce farms

  1. Obey rules and instructions posted by owner(s) at the picking location, Use of containers, some farms provide picking and take-home containers, while other farms may provide only picking baskets or buckets or no containers. If you carry your own containers, make sure they are appropriate for the crop you are picking.

  2. Look for check-in and check-out locations. Ask about charges, volume, weight, by count or minimum quantity requirement.

  3. Look for field personnel, if there is no one, refer to paragraph (1) above.

  4. Transportation, if you have a disability, inquire about the availability of assistance and access before you arrive. Accommodations, some farms have more accommodations than others, call to confirm the availability of drinking water, restrooms and rest area facilities.

  5. As always be friendly and respectful.

Happy hunting and safe picking your fresh produce at lower prices than retail.

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