Piracy Anywhere

Is a threat to justice everywhere.

How to stop it? Why blame a whole country? How to deliver a pirates ransom? Lure of easy money? US talks with Somali pirates

WARNING!!! There has been a surge in piracy incidents off the coast of Somalia. Analysts say the pattern of other hijackings suggests a ransom request is likely to follow. Given the value of the tanker and its cargo, that is expected to be a sizeable demand.

Friend or foe, what is the protocol for two approaching ships? What about communications, observing and reporting suspicious activity? Who responds? Are we heeding any warnings? Are we overlooking the obvious?

Hunter Gatherer Instinct - Anybody going on a fishing or hunter trip better be prepared, especially if it happens to be a long one. My first thoughts are survival, safety and security. What if situations and be prepared?

No, there are no fool proof methods, but you must know, for your own safety and the safety of those around you, you need to be as vigilant as possible. The other side of the coin is, "nothing is going to happen to me"?

When it comes to shipping and piracy, we know the dangers. Even in short distances, the same dangerous are present but close proximity has been somewhat of a safety net!

Even animals, no matter size, learn early on to be prepared for the inherit dangers to the lifestyle they lead. Tourist anywhere better be careful about valuable possessions they carry. Crime and Criminals are everywhere!

International shipping and trading, big ship versus little ships; why are our big, multi-million dollar, ships so vulnerable to piracy? You are talking the value of a cargo ship, plus the cargo it is carrying. Would not that qualify as a lucrative target for any would be criminal? Why are not "all couriers" equipped to protect themselves and prepared to defend against "hijackings" - safety and security?

Lesson learned how many times? A chicken never stops looking for danger! That is the responsibility of any leader.

An Indian navy warship has destroyed a suspected Somali pirate vessel after it came under attack in the Gulf of Aden.

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