Pissing Down Our Leg and Telling Us It Is Raining

Admitting truth

I love people, life and material junk, but I also know the difference between reality and what somebody is telling me. I am not mad with the world and just like anybody else I am going to keep living. The only difference is, I am going to tell you are lying if you are saying we are making progress. I don't care how you look at it. For what we call progress, people are going to prison and worse.

You know I can remember coming up in the early sixties, great attitude and looking forward to becoming an adult and a productive citizen. How?

Church, it was always confusing. Love your neighbors, but you couldn’t go to their churches nor neighborhoods.

Education and everything else were the same. We thought that was bad and changed.

Now, that we are supposed be one people, we have progressively gotten worse, another your inner voice point. People keep saying it has gotten better, but as soon as you enter a neighborhood, what has changed? Applying for jobs and the list goes on. What has changed?

Okay, I have sense enough to know in many areas, we have made tremendous progress, but I also know in even more important areas, we have failed miserably. Further, these failures are in areas that cost little or nothing to change. They all have to do with ethics and morals. Our leaders, whom we have come to depend upon, have failed us miserably. Pissing Down Our Leg and Telling Us It Is Raining...

I mean to preach immediate need for change not doom and gloom. From yesterday until today, things have progressively gotten worse, yet our leaders act like that is not a reason to be alarmed. You can’t trust anybody. And because our leaders have been pissing down our legs for so long, today, we are doing the same. For those reasons, Today, WE ARE A SCARED PEOPLE and for a good reason. A more intelligent people, but less wisdom!

All the changes or improving we have made has been for “0” (ZERO). The people who really need help cannot get help and that is not good. Good people can not get good help. Good people who need good autos cannot get good autos. Public transportation is ridiculous; we gave up buses and trains for cars and planes. Race, has it really gotten better? Food? Housing? Health care? Education? Elderly? Safety and Security? Race? The people who need help cannot get help. Yet, the powers to be and the very few who are making it will tell you all about the progress we’ve made. Well, if there is nothing you and I can do about it, that is admitting truth.

What will it take for us to realize material progression is the road to demise? I want a dollar too and love fun as much or more than anyone, but not at the expense of misleading and killing a people.

It has got to change before we further destroy each other. Help the people who need it most. We are suffering and if we are suffering what about YOU?

your inner voice,,,For a brighter future!

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