Pleasure Mad Spirit

'Crawl, Walk, Run', I’ve learned so much in this Personal Development business.

Let the stealer steal no more but work doing hard work with his hands what is good work. Even in poverty, those hungering and thirsting, do not justify theft, so how does violence justify revenge?

If you knew a way to help someone get what they needed, would you? Would not you want the same in return? Not to be a pleasure-mad-spirit of the world.

How much are we influenced by Pleasure-Mad-Spirits of the world? Today’s competitive madness takes its toll with the logic of a good mind over tasked. An enticing ad could popup where you least expect. Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, political parties, nations… overflowing.

Pleasures either build up or tear down and there are more of them, than you care to mention - cigarettes, alcohol, food, children, gun, race, power, money, cars … if you are not careful, you may be ensnared by one or any combinations of any of them. A glimpse and the image has already made an impression - viruses. Technological progress has merely provided us with more effective and efficient means for going backwards. And it’s all deliberate and that’s the madness.

Joy, wit, love, understanding, courage, grief, pleasure are all spirits of the heart. In themselves, pleasure-mad-spirits are harmless, until we give meaning to them, by excessive behavior. There is cause to realize leaning too hard on any temptations corrupts and misleads, and these pleasures are addictive in nature and never fulfilling.

Stop reinventing the wheel and learn to use it. Fulfilling our spiritual duties brings “a deep and long lasting” sense of accomplishment, joy, satisfaction, and peace - a pleasure happy spirit?

If you come across someone that doesn’t make you miserable, enjoy them. If you send a note to some one dont you usually expect a response back? If you drive by someone and they wave at you, don’t you usually wave back? If you are walking out the door as someone is walking in and they say hello, don’t you usually say hello back? Hmmmmm… I was raised to think that was common courtsey and manners. Just saying….

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