Poor Black Man seeking Beautiful Wealthy Woman

Is there anything we can do to romance a beautiful rich girl and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Do opposites really attract? Can a rich woman and poor man be compatible?

This really made me smile! It got me thinking, because, if any man deserves a beautiful wealthy woman, it is me:-)

Well, let us see what we are up against! The guy with no money, that’s me, has zilch chance of entering into a friendly relationship with a beautiful wealthy woman? A real man will not try to date a wealthy woman if he is not financially prepared? If a man has a beer wallet, he should stay in his league.

A woman should never drop her standards because she will be miserable and resent being with a loser. Then, if you do succeed, she’s history the minute some rich guy looks twice at her? The first chance the woman runs into a real man she will leave the loser. A woman used to living on a certain standard cannot tolerate a broke man?

Rich women are looking for men who are intelligent, chivalrous and charismatic and who know how to behave and adhere to etiquette.

Rich women are looking for a safe way to find serious men with whom to interact, while ensuring there are no nasty surprises. Rich women really do work hard and are looking for men who are also hard working and are able and willing to dedicate their time to attend business and social functions.

Outstanding individuals with impeccable taste, extremely high standards and who have the desire to meet someone truly exceptional – That’s me! Seriously, is not that “all of us”? Even though we often fall short, we all want the love of our lives, no matter how much money, they have or do not have?

I would like to think being a poor man; does not make me a loser. I am not rich and am getting too old to fool around, but would love to meet my beautiful wealthy match. Is that a “Sugar mama” or a Wealthy older woman (WOWs)?

Any how, for those reasons many do not venture outside their box and tend to look down or put up more guards. I think beautiful people exist in all walks of life, it just ain’t easy finding them and you must continue, but cautiously, reaching outside your box, if you think you deserve each other - classic rags-to-riches stories. They happen everyday and is also what dreams are made of.

How am I going to meet my Beautiful Wealthy Woman, if you think we are a match, email me... what a Christmas present!

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