The Portuguese

African-American Slave Trade

Initially, Portugal dominated the slave trade.

The Portuguese started what became known as the evil trans-Atlantic slave trade. This evil compares to none in the history of mankind and from 2000 years ago, the evil affects are still being felt today, in every aspect of life for Africans and especially, in the life of African-Americans.

It has been confirmed that in 1441, the Portuguese captured their first Africans from West Africa, Rio de Oro, Senegambia. The expedition was led by Antam Gonclaves, an explorer of Prince Henry of Portugal.

Henry wanted Africans to be interpreters and missionaries to hasten the spread of Christianity in West Africa.

It is believed that the Portuguese started to capture Africans for slavery, thirty years before coming to Elmina and forty-one years before the castle was built.

15th-17th centuries European traders built and occupied many forts along the coast of Ghana to protect their trading posts. Sadly, they boasted doing Africans a big favor by making them Christians.

The Portuguese were brutal, during the African-Slave trade. Remember the Elmina Castle Dungeons, where enslaved Africans were held, chained and shackled.

The Triangle Slave Trade Market. The most famous triangular trade in human history was the 18th century trade between West Africa, the West Indies, and Europe

One thing sticks in my mind, the smell of hundreds of years of rotting human flesh, all Africans, especially in female dungeon.

The female dungeon 2008

I am sure the death and atrocities of enslaved Africans, millions upon millions, well excede that of the holocaust. Ghana and Portugal still trade but who cares about the enslaved Africans in America or the world over? "The trick", the best kept secret back then was, it was all for World development and Christainity, British America and the almighty dollar.

The brunt of the slavery blame has gone to America, who refuses to except it. Who is America, it is British America, all of her slavery trade buddies and invited guests, commonly referred to as white folks? British America is just one of the places where all the "WANT TO BE slavery unknowns" worked the Triangle African Slave Trade.

Africans in America, the largest concentration of enslaved Africans and what remains of them.

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