Position and Power

In life, does it make one person more important than the next?

Is the President more powerful than the poorest person he leads?

Does position and power make one person more important or over the next person?

If you believe that, you are giving people authority over your life and that is okay, if you want. If they say jump, you must jump, either way you are just as responsible.

Authority and responsibility are two different things. You can delegate authority to anyone you like, but you are still just as responsible.

Not one person, in leadership position, is there by force or their own power. If they are their role will be miserable and short lived. You will die by the same sword. You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink.

Leadership is an additional role that requires personal sacrifice and for that reason, many forfeit.

There are people in lesser positions, who are much more qualified, therefore are much more efficient and effective than the lesser qualified person wasting valuable time and resources occupying a powerful seat. Position does not make you a leader nor a powerful person.

We are equal, according to our talents. We all grow weak and weary, at the least unsuspecting moment.

Leadership is an art and is best maintained out of respect and respect is a two-way street.

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