Possible Solutions

  1. Why not go in and give warning that you and your activities are suspicious and we are under investigation. Publicize that,

  2. Make every effort to discourage crime at the highest and the lowest levels. Treat everyone the same, as much as possible.

  3. We all know what is really going on is not good and self defeating. Because of our own fears, we are afraid to say something until it is too late.

  4. It is easy, fix the problem. Confess. Tell the truth. That is what we are expected to do for crimes and discourage crime and that is the only way our world is going to be safer.

    Truth be told, the average cop would not know a crime if it came out and bit them? They know to follow orders and it is up to a cop’s individual judgment as to who and how the law is being broken, that is a problem, "their own judgement"?

Without good ethical and moral upbringing and training, how can one make good ethical and moral decisions? How can one make good decisions without considering people and character, without knowledge of God’s law and being forced to make good sound ethical and moral decisions according to the letter of man’s law? That is a big reason why our justice system is currently over burden and broken. It makes for good job security by destroying the people it designed to protect and serve.

I am not going to be mealy mouth with this subject. Yes, our cops are needed and yes, they do a good job, occasionally. However, the power, the wrong pressure and the hype has caused to lead, in many cases a double standard life. On one side they are, for the most part good citizens. However, when they are called to duty, they must separate themselves from the people they have sworn to serve and protect, based on what somebody else said, no questions asked about breaking the law. If you are not careful, just following orders can get you in serious trouble. You learn not to understand what and why, for you are just following orders. You move up the ranks and expect your subordinates to do the same. Now, let me clear myself, I am not a cop hater. I am just out to expose and prove a point, from the top to the bottom we all, already know, but for many reasons, do not want to deal with. And if I am going to expose a problem I am going to offer a solution. Well Mr. Haggard has already done that.

Law and Sin, it only makes sense, the two must cover each other or there will be one big lie to live.

There is a place for good cops, in our society. Now, that brings on the second issue, good cops!

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