Post Turtle

The turtle knows being on top of a post does not help it survive. What about humans?

It is very obvious how the turtle got there.

People are good actors, so they think. But like a fish out of water, you know you didn't get up there by yourself, you do not belong up there, and you do not know what to do while up there.

You wonder what kind of dummy put the turtle upon the post to begin with?

However, if you do not recognize what Post Turtle is nor the really of Post Turtle or Post Turtle Syndrome, you will not help the turtle to safety.

Where are the Country Boys, at heart? Post Turtle is a country boy thing, often told in the form of a joke.

The turtle may die an unnecessary death. Not a good thing!

For Post Turtles as it refers to people, if people do not listen or realize they are in over their heads, reality will reveal itself.

What kind of people put Post Turtles on top--Dummies. Do not be a dummy?

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