potato barrels

These are potato barrels, pretty picture but I am going to use boxes....

I am very excited to try the cardboard box method of growing white potatoes.

These were my instructions: Get a sturdy box, 12-14 inches deep and 3 feet square. Start with a layer of dirt about 3 inches thick. Cut seed potatoes in half leaving at least a sprout on each.

Place the seed potatoes on top and cover, only leaving the sprouts exposed. I am thinking two per box, not more than three.

Gently cover the plant with more dirt and/or compost as plants grow five to six inches. Even pine straw can be used. Repeat the process until box is full.

Lightly sprinkle with 10-10-10 fertilizer with each covering. When plant dies your potatoes are ready.

I am told, when done this way your plants may not require as much water, but do not let them get bone dry. Further, you can try a potato or two after the plant has blossomed. Just carefully dig them out.

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