Power without money

Eradicating money, which seems to be the underlying cause for most problems in the world. Can anyone achieve power without money?

If you do not own anything, you do not have any power? An influenial leader told me that. He was saying in order to amass power, you must first amass wealth. Economically speaking, a community without owning land and resources can do nothing? Is that why we are all working so hard?

Well, my friend I have thought about that for a couple of days and decided, "that just ain't true".

Power is a mental thing, more so than physical. Why would I give someone like you power over me, just because you own 5 McDonalds. Does what you own make you more of a person than me? Because you drive a Lexus and I a bike, does that make me any less of a man that you?

Because you are an attorney, or doctor or engineer or educated, does that make me any less of a person? Well, why do we use those standards as the measure of a man. He also made it known that he accummulated his wealth because of his relationships with people such as bankers... Do those kind of people really need my relationship or am I just appeasing to their egos, to stay in their good graces? Is this the kind of advice your preacher would or should give you? Some people do not ever want to see you happy.

How much wealth must one accummulate before they have the power to do what they need to do? Corrupt business practices literally built into the system - wast, fraud and abuse.

Which is the more moral and ethical approach, someone willing to help me because they realize the value in what I am doing or someone willing to help me because I am kissing their butts? You know you can kiss somebody's butt for so long that it becomes habit forming. Is that why our economy is the way it is because we gave monies to the wrong people or is it because the wrong people kissed butt to get it? Why aren't people with money eager to share?

Because they know what they had to do in order to get it?

When we talk about gardens most are willing to share, but when you talk about money, it is a whole different story? Why? We really never own anything, not even ourselves. What you make of the nothing you own is up to you. Happiness is the goal, not wealth. How powerful is that?

A Change of Focus, Imagine a world without poverty, hunger, war, or suffering. A compassionate world, where sustainable technolology brings untold abundance to everyone – not just the rich elite. This is the promise of a world without money. But is it viable? It is when corporate companies are selling an idea, but after the sell, selfishness takes over. So that is why nothing is affordable any more.

This idea of eradicating money is gaining more popularity thanks to The Zeitgeist Movement‘s promotion of The Venus Project.

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A rebelling land and intelligent leaders?

A world with out MONEY?

A Rebelling-land-and-intelligent-leaders.

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