Powerful People

Rich folk, Young folk and folk in High Positions

Your efforts are commended.

But know: You are standing on the shoulders of people who worked and sacrificed for you to be where you are. No person is an island but the island on which you live is made of people.

We've come a long ways but, do you remember from where you came? What our forefathers went through? Do you even care?

Hard work and sacrifice, low or no formal education, low wages no wages, 40 and 50 cent per hour, working from sun-up to sun-down, seven days a week. Out door toilets, no and slower transportation… and it ain’t been that long ago.

Know people are more important than you, if it were not for them, there would be no YOU. If “they” fail “you” fail. Treat people the way you want to be treated or better.

We live in a world of limited resources, if you have it all, what can others have? Where is the equal or fair distribution? From whom or where will people get theirs? What and where are our hopes?

In many cases we have failed our strength and hope for tomorrow --our youth. They have had much handed to them, most of which are distorted fantasies. The important things, we failed to pass on, like love, good work ethics-- hard work, sharing and sacrifice. What to be content about and when. Caring for each other, our families and seniors? How do we ensure they are taken care of? What about dependable health care? What about a balanced economy-- money matters and practical spending? What is a good job? How do we climb the success ladder? What about life saving and life building skills?

Know, rich folk got theirs on the backs of pofolk and young folk got theirs on the backs of old folk. It does not stop there.

Straight talk and common sense. Know we do not live in a "them" and "they" world. That world can not best survive. We live in the same world and want the same things –Peace and Prosperity. And it is only through working together we can get them.

We need each other. A thriving economy is when people have the power.

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