Hindrances to Prayers

Without prayer, where would I be? Even though we do not say the same prayers, prayer still remains the global solution. Even though we discourage prayer in certain places, prayer remains our last resort, no matter where we are.

Prayer is a most important act of communication to live a healthy life. So we would want to make sure we get it as best as we can.

Hindrances to Prayers. Some things that keep our prayers from being answered. I think the only prayers not answered are those rendered under the below conditions, causing us to get off track.

  1. Failure to take time out to pray, work and praise for the good of all mankind. Closed lines of communication.

  2. Lack of confidence. O you of little faith--fear, doubt, talking among ourselves about having no bread? When we find ourselves down? When we seek public approval? When we wait? Peer pressure can throw us off track.

  3. Sin and failing to confess and forgive. When we fail to realize what we are doing, what good is our prayers being answered when we can not acknowledge or fail to realize the answer? We confess and ask forgiveness through prayer.

  4. Disregard for conscience. Failure to pray, in our own words, for what our conscience knows is needed. That is one of the key places where we have been programed to carry out our purpose in life. For whatever reasons we go against what we know.

  5. Wrong motives. Patience is a virtue. When our motives and intentions are vain, self-serving repetitions to get what we want, then our priorities are out of order. Confusion, chaos and frustration sets in. Let us take spousal abuse for example. One spouse abuses the other. The victim does not take appropriate action for the sake of keeping the peace. Well, that intention can only make matters worse and may cause either of you greater harm or death.

I do not know and when I do not know, I just have to believe and when I believe, my beliefs need to be based on an understanding greater than myself and what source do I know better than the bible? The bible teaches me to love all people.

What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the LORD our God is near us whenever we pray to him?

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