Grace and Mercy

Grace and Mercy is "not" just a Christian thing, it is a "Spiritual" thing.

Darkness Dominates Much of Our World.

Darkness controls much of what is said and how it is viewed by our world.

Like a light in the darkness, when we live for grace and mercy, we will be noticed.

Grace and mercy and our allegiance to the spirit cannot be ignored.

Grace is getting what you do not deserve.

Mercy is not getting what you think you deserve.

Is your walk all talk and not enough action?

Let's let them see through our lives, the peace, harmony, health, prosperity, wholeness, produced by Grace and Mercy, so they will come to know their spirit!

Help me reflect my best character through grace and mercy.

When others notice me, they will also be encouraged.

Grace, Mercy, Peace and Blessings


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