Don’t ask Don’t tell!

How do you learn and gain respect for individual differences?

Don’t ask Don’t tell! Responsibly, how can you teach your children, Don’t ask, Don’t tell? How do you teach that to anybody?

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell, what does that really mean? Does it mean don’t ask the question and don’t tell the answer? Why not? Does it imply ignorance is a solution? How does that help prevent discrimination and violence? Do not tell people you are sick and don’t ask people if they are sick? Just don't tell us (or act like it)? Keep it to yourself?

Under a Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, How do you get an understanding? How do you ask a person, How are you doing? What's your race, gender or sexual preference? Why not just lie about it all? How do you learn and gain respect for individual differences? Are we that ashamed of our realities?

How do you ask, what’s in your food? How does one confess? Does not that discourage honesty? Is not it better to know ahead than to wait later and learn? Would not we want a serial kill to confess before or afterwads? How are you supposed to get things off your chest? How are we supposed to maintain open lines of communications? How are we supposed to deal with problems and issues as they arise? To whom can you talk, without the fear of being rejected? Why didn't we implement a policy like that when the race card was hot and heavy?

Don’t we ask our children to tell everything, no matter how humiliating it may be? As a matter of fact, the more humiliating it is the important and sooner you should confess. Why would we teach an adult to do different? Isn’t telling our children, don’t ask, don’t tell setting ourselves, our families and our country up for failure? How can it be otherwise? How does the future look under, don’t ask, don’t tell?

How do you explain don't ask, don't tell to your spouse? To anyone who cares about your health and well-being? Are the Armed Forces on the "Down-Low"?

That is keeping the door open for even more promiscuous business, discrimination and violence; and you cannot tell. And when things go awry, who do we hold responsible? Wherein does the truth lie?

What about human rights? Are we afraid of the answer? What’s so complicated and controversial in this matter? Moreover, discretion in the form of mandated silence is itself a form of oppression, severe depression and discrimination, I don't care what the illness is. What is happeing to common sense? Is not that what America used to be about, through all our differences we respect the humaness in each of us and get along, for the survival of the whole? Equal rights, human rights, Ask for UNDERSTANDING!

Don't ask, don't tell, Don't Risk It!

Lie detector, ask tell?

Divine by Nature?

(((your inner

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