President for Poor America


Who is the President for Poor America? Where is he?

Everyone is so concerned with Upper and Middle class America, but who's helping, looking out for Poor America?

What's happening in the President's Poor America world? Where are Presidential candidates for "Poor Americans"? Is he going to help POOR America and Americans? Is there a higher priority?

Staying consistent with the President’s mantra, I'm changing it to read, we can’t wait to ensure a better future for America’s Poor, we can’t wait for congress to act – stakes are too high, the problems too serious. So we will continue to work and fight together because !!!Poor America!!! simply can’t wait.

That’s why, we’re focused on new efforts to make education and working together our priorities. All you must do is admit and commit to do better by yourself.

America cannot lead in the 21st century without the best-educated, most competitive workforce in the world. Nations that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow, which is why we must supply our workforce with the skills needed to compete.

The administration announced measures to help struggling homeowners, prevent prescription drug shortages, make it easier for some homeowners to refinance their mortgages and implemented procedures for earlier FDA notification of any impending shortages for certain prescription drugs.

The question is: What does all this have to do with helping the American citizens who need it most? Is America hooked on drugs? Do you start from the top down or the bottom up? If Upper and Middle class America can’t wait, what do you think about poor America? Are we in a window that doesn’t need help? Is it because we never say anything? Is it because we can’t afford to? Is that because when we do, all we ever get are “lies”?

If the upper class refuses to help the middle class, what’s going to happen to poor folk?

There is a blessing in helping Poor American citizens and I shall never give up on it. Helping Poor America will solve all the problems with Upper and Middle America.

(((your inner

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