Presidential Elections 2008

The Best Presidential Candidate

Most of the presidents I have voted for lost. The last two elections, the Bush administration, caused me to lose confidence in the whole election process. Further, no matter what I think, they do what they want. For the life of me, I can not understand the war in Iraq. Don’t go there.

I am really hard pressed to see how one US President has really affected my life. It was hard in the past and really I do not see it letting up any time soon. For twenty-three years, I put my life on the line for my country because military life seemed more promising than the civilian life in my area. The military was a nice way to make a living but who would want to spend their entire life training to kill.

After retirement, I owe the IRS and the story goes on. I love the idea of helping to bring about peace and prosperity through inspiration, spirituality and income. I also think that is a world mission and can be easily achieved, if we just get off our “high horses” and "work together".

The 2008 elections have renewed my interest. It is interesting to see if a female can be elected and it is even more interesting to see if a man, "labeled mixed", part white African, black African and American, will be elected. Not to be confused with Africans already in America. In that case, he probably would not stand a chance, as have been proven in the past. No offense intended and not that race is a major factor in ones abilities, but it would be a major change.

Who will be the next President of America? Well, it looks like we all are poised for a dramatic change, either way.

Comment: "Do not count me out for voting Republican, I was thinking of doing that any way."

Who is the best candidate for the greatest amount of change:

Mitt Romney: He seems like a nice guy to work for, if he likes you.

John McCain: Former military, I like that but, like I said, who would want to spend their entire life learning to kill. Further, the Iraqi war, it seems senseless to me.

Mike Huckabee: A good man, with a good spiritual foundation and not afraid to show it, not overly serious, great ability to let his hair down and does not mind entertaining, seems fair for all, more Abe Lincoln style.

John Edwards: A good man, very smooth, just might be too smooth. Now, I think his wife might be better candidate.

Hillary Clinton: I would love to see a woman President during my life time. As the First Lady for eight years, she had a chance. She had another chance right after Bill. I wish she had taken it. If I have to choose between Barack and Hillary to get the most change for my vote, I would have to choose Barack. Plus, there is know, being a former President, your husband and all. You see how vocal he can be.

Barack Obama: Boy, I like your nerve. Throughout American history, our President has been of European descent. Without a doubt, you are the BEST opportunity for the greatest amount of change, for all people and the Lord knows; it is time for a great change! Be careful, the good old boy network is alive and well!

We just have to see what others say. 2008 Presidential Elections Pros and "The Cons"

The Best Presidential Candidate

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