Presidential Elections 2008

Safety and Security

The 2008 American Presidential elections raise new concerns for the safety and security of Presidential candidates.

Of the candidates running, there is one in particular, that by deciding to run for the office of United States President, has seriously jeopardized the life of his family and himself. By his actions, he and his family are prepared.

I am sure they realize, have thoroughly discussed and are well prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. However, because of the nature of a few, but very determined Americans; they will see him assassinated before they see him as President. I hate to say that, but that is just the way it is. They will just not have it. Further, it is too late after the fact.

I desire all presidential candidates to be safe and secure but one is more likely to be targeted than any other.

At the least suspecting time, an innocent by-stander or agent or candidate could be gun down, all over something as insignificant, as race or labels we have applied.

    My questions are:

  1. Does the Secret Service realize this? Are they taking precautionary measures to prevent such an incident?

  2. Do the American people realize it? Are they taking precautionary measures to prevent such an incident?

    Are the American people prepared for the ultimate sacrifice?

Presidential Debate III

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