Professionals making Unprofessional Outbursts and Behaviors

Abusive, Insulting, Threatening and Losing tempers during professional performances?

What is the difference between them and me? None of us are perfect, and certainly we have all sinned to some degree. However professionals are suppose to be the best of the best. What does that kind of behavior say for our best of the best? They are supposed to be shiny examples of how to win or lose, on and off the court. They set the standards; they lead the way for how others should conduct themselves during the heat of battle.

These angry outbursts are explosive and embarrassing tantrums. They are signs of immaturity and behaviors that undermine a culture’s safety and security. They set the stage for more disorder. They speak without thinking and allow their emotion driven temper to get the best of them. Where is their discipline.

Professionals are really doing something that professionals with experience just do not do, Not during a performance. Was it planned or just happened. Was it for profit? Angry outbursts suggest a problem with self-control and blaming others for their own problems. Saying it is okay to make excuses for conduct unbecoming to a professional is also very unprofessional.

Relationships, we are all in relationships and each deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and this is not gender specific. This same abuse spills over into families.

Civil rights, human rights and domestic violence, we have fought so hard and long for them, so why should we give them up now? Why should we become the abuser?

Disciplined for unprofessional conduct. Professionals making unprofessional outbursts and displaying unprofessional behaviors are on the rise. Professionals must begin taking responsibility for what they say and do. They must continue to play the game and afterwards, complain, making use of mediators and conflict coaches to settle disputes.

There is no excuse for a temper tantrum to ever occur during a professional performance. For the safety and security of all concerned, the event should be immediately forfeited—Game Over!

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