Profit and Losses!

Here's What Happened... Profit and Losses! Cut your losses, NOW!

I am coming up with an award winning article. But I have read one or two books, visited with the Pope and I have a GED education?

The award winning article, number one article, the most popular article, for just one day, Today? Don’t care what language, financial, Bank for just one time.

His is my award winning article to the world: It have to be a message that everyone who read it, would be immediately transformed. It happening anyway, but we refuse to acknowledge. Direct from Broadway has got it beat. My article would be as short as possible, humble and everyone who read it realized how truly blessed we are!

No need fight, prove it, whatever you need, it is already there….Here’s my message: Why do man mess that up?

Why can’t we trade straight up, one for one? Why war? Why are we so violent abusive to each? Don’t we realize it? What is the easiest way to live the best life? Why do we front, act like we are more than anybody else? Why not humble, Why does Great Britain consider itself more elite than anyone else? Is that a valid question? Royalty, what is the only royalty America respect? We talk about Christianity, but are we really committed to our community or just our part of our community? Is that a community,,,think about the stupid shit we do. Does a community have borders and dare others to cross? Exactly, who are we running from? Who’s our enemy, why? When you arrived, this country was wide-open. My point is, how do we think we can do better than that? No hunger, unemployment, poverty, worries. The only worries were ones that made good sense…when are we going to get rain? How much did a Tippee cost, property taxes… make sense to yourself? All we want to do is play games,,,and on top of all that, we think we are winning? We actually believe our own lies?

Just how did we become a world power? How did we become Number #1? Why are there no others who can touch us, other than the likes of Great Britain, Germany, France….? Why are we contributing to the royal wedding? Why so much promotion, coverage by our mass media? You know, I always thought those guys were pretty smart? Why do they want to cover a wedding, royal or any other kind? Think about that, most men shy away from weddings? I thought they really told the truth, covered what was most meaningful to “all American people”?

The other side of the story is the VIEWER? How believing are you? How strong is your faith, your confidence in yourself? You know. Is it going to rain tomorrow? What do we need to do? For whom are you working? As long as they pay, who gives a shit? The more they pay, less shit you give. So what you gon do with your money? Profit and loses? Are you lost? In what are your serious investments? You write it on your money, but is it really true? Have you been blinded by the light and refuse to see? Where,,, in what is the undisputable profit? IN what is true Prosperity? Where should your investments be? Don’t lie, stop lying, stop fantasizing, hallucinating? Everybody can be saved? Why do we make this so hard?

If you know the profits and what can make you prosper, WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LOSSES? What are the risks? Where is the greatest risk? Faith is for everyone!

Are you going to invest in your own economy? What for investment? Do you ever learn? Will you make the a difference?

Perfection, Award Winning Performance....Stop fooling yourselves?

(((your inner

Now, who are you?

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