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Art, you know I am a great fan, want to be a good neighbor and I admire your efforts, but I have had it up to here with this website!

Personally, I read it because I like what you write and the approach used to share. It is self-helping, inspiring and helping me discover new things about life. I thought others would enjoy it as well. That's all good, but, man, this stuff does not work.

Every time I share or try with someone, I am shot-down. Nobody wants to hear nor do the good things, I have in mine. They rather keep doing the same-O, same-O. Worse, they think I am NUTS and a know-it-all. The girls just don't buy into it. Instead of prospering, my life is becoming a wreck. Your website is just a bunch of sound-good stuff to life.

I just wanna let you and everybody else know what's going on with me.

I know how dedicated you are, being on a shoestring-budget and not making any money. Have you thought about music, videos, mp3s, games, hell; even a sexy woman or two; may be even a new line of work?

Hope things soon change.


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