Proper Food, Water and Shelter

Proper food, water and shelter will take away sickness, heal and give you a full life span! They yield diligence, faith, virtue, knowledge, healing and good health.

Well, it always has, but why does that sound so farfetched today? We hardly know what is healthy for us and what is said to be healthy, we can not afford. Why did we allow ourselves to come to this situation?

Looking at other forms of life, when it comes to food, water and shelter, they all seem to know how to take care of themselves and tend to lead well balanced lives, minus all the hype. They know what foods to eat and where to find them, all from being passed on. They have their modes of transportation and very little arguing about who gets what. They get up on time, no rush hours, no outside jobs, no parties and everybody is able to go where they need to go and be there at the expected time. Stress seems to be at a minimum.

No, I am not saying we should live like uncivilized human beings, but I am saying, we are getting further away from the lifestyle we are intended to live, by getting further away from natural processes. That we can significantly improve upon our way of living by getting a little closer to Mother Nature and observing and heeding the natural processes of life.

Life is about relationships.

Take us human beings, the most superior of all beings, with dominion over all things. First we are finding the natural processes of life to be menial and repulsive. That has made it even harder for us to exist together in peace and harmony. When we look down on Mother Nature, which we have done in our other options, what do we do to each other? We can never be satisfied, it always a too, too hot, too cold, too wet, too much pollen…These are problems we have created ourselves. We have taken every shortcut in the book to better get our work done, but it seems the more shortcuts we take, the more costly they become and we have literally priced ourselves off the map. Then there is guarding ourselves from the defilement of bitterness and that is easier said than done. We have done so much evil to one another no body knows where to start. It is easier for us to get along with strangers than our next door neighbors.

Talking about making progress, I can not think of time when we knew as little as we do today about the most important things to our own health and welfare. We have so many talented experts, the best machines and mass transit, but the availability and quality of our most important resources, proper food, water and shelter is at an all time low. Our prosperity seems to be plagued by one shortage after the next and demands growing faster than we can keep up. Are we failing?

Yes, I think we are and no, I do not think it is too late. No, I do not desire to live in the past, but with all our progress, why today is it harder to get proper food, water and shelter for all? People are our most important resource and these are the most important resources to them and these are their safety and security. They are our daily living. They are our human rights. They are what we work for. They are what we are supposed to diligently protect. How can you have a healthy heart without them?

Our ability to have and share these three things represent the core of who we are and symbolizes the center of our innermost being.

Further, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge and if you do these things, you shall never fall. Going GREEN!

your inner

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