Legalized violence against women...Think about it and prostitution takes on a whole new meaning.

If prostitution was legalized, think on the number of violent deaths we could avoid? Lowered crime rate? Healthier women? Healthier people! Spread of disease? I think incidents of domestic violence would even go down. Definitely Abuse rates would significanly declined.

I know, you are smarter than I, you are better, you would not dare conceive of such a thing. How dare you, Art?

Is it how competitive women are? No disregard for the health and welfare of another woman, just because she is a professional? What about in the oldest profession? I forgot, prostitution is not allowed, we don't have it? If anyone violates that law, we jail them?

What's the difference between you and a pimp?

A man can marry a man, a woman can marry another woman...I don't care who marry's who, but just think about it!

Smoking? Legalized Abortions? Stem cell research? Aids? Corporate greed and fraud?

but the work of a Prostitute deserves no human dignity! I understand that, but what about their health? Did you ever think helping prostitutes to live healthier lives, would be helping YOU to live a healthier life?

Prostitution, in most cases, is a dreadful disease. Further, people are forced into it and many catch hell getting out? I can only imagine admitting you are a prostitute is like admitting you have leprosy. Programs, are they enough? Have we being cured? Is prostitution any less than it was yesterday? What are we doing about it? More police? Under cover? Religion? Better parents? Better citizens? Are we out of touch with reality? Sex sells!

Aren't you affraid of attracking some kind of dreadful disease all because you refuse to act in a timely manner? What about your children...What about that one unthinkable incident happened while your son or daughter was on college break and having the time of their life. Your husband? Boyfriend? Why take a chance?

Stop the speard of prostitution. Nobody wants to admit it and certainly you don't want to encourage any one to be a prostitute, but if prostitution is out of control and you want to get rid of it, why not treat it like any other disease, treat the causes, not the symptoms? Is AIDs illegal?

Prostitution, how long has it been around? At least help by leagalizing it, so you can get it under control. Is it going any where? How long can we ignore something that killing us? By outlawing prostitution, you leave yourself no other choice? Help get prostitution under control. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Legalize prostitution.

Then may be your family member, friend or love one can feel free to get out. Give them the choice. Take away all excuses. Help clean up sex. Safe sex, make it legal.

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