Public Safety personnel taking a beating

America’s Public Safety personnel are taking a beating, Why?

Paramedics failing to properly respond to calls, even being accused of rape? Fire departments failing to properly respond to fires? Police failing to properly respond to calls, especially domestic? Violators are being put on Paid Administrative leave for failing to fulfill their public safety duties, at federal, state and local levels.

These are often the first responders in an environment where time saved means lives saved. Lives are being lost and officials are failing to admit and properly address the severity of these situations.

There was a time when public safety personnel were considered angels. They were respected, trustworthy, honesty and dependable people ready to protect and serve.

Today, it seems as if public safety personnel are just as ruthless as the common criminal, cheating, stealing, and gutting neighbors.

Guilty or not ......Public Safety personnel have been taking a beating. If they are taking a beating then why? Then, why are we not addressing their issues?

Put pettiness aside and return to common sense. Each department, at all levels, need to rid itself of the criminals in their midst.

Turning the country around and restoring public responsibilities?

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