Publish His deeds


So the whole earth may see and hear.

Sing a new song! Let the whole earth sing. Each day proclaim the good news. Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell the world about the amazing things He does.

O for a thousand tongues...!

Our image is best displayed through the works of her hands and heart.

Within each of us is a wellspring of beauty. How we express it varies from person to person, but it is there, nonetheless. Reach deep into your soul and share the wealth of beauty buried there.

Every day we cross paths with people who need and want to hear good deeds. In every experience we discover new facets about His deeds.

To "publish" means to share and refers, not only to writing books and delivering sermons but, to sharing "people" deeds, on a daily basis, so others might be drawn to Him.

Each of us can do that.

I would rather see a sermon everyday than, hear one, one day.

The most powerful evangelism doesn't just take place within four walls. The internet has given, to The People, greater access to a wider range of people. Include them in your daily walk and talk. Constantly sharing good deeds, in neighborhoods and workplaces -- It's all for Him and about people.

When we post-it for the world to see, you never know what soul you may save.

People will learn from your "published deeds". We talk a lot but today we have "the greatest opportunity" ever to let the world know.

Pray for compassion and courage so you may share.

Pray people in need, find you.

There are litterly hundreds of thousands of people, businesses and churches not yet online. They may be interested in what you have discovered, today. Those who are online may want to take another look?

Show them what the web is really all about --building great Web sites that WORK for YOU.

Stop complaining -- about less than desirable content, anti-this, spam that and join the effort to flood the web with great content, using websites that deliver 100 times the benefits of a Yellow Page ad or more traditional means of getting the word out, at one tenth the cost.

Send people and churches to this important site.

Just as with anything else, good is profitable.

Pray and give praise.

Tell everyone about the amazing things He does for you. Journal and share!

Publish his deeds and prosper

Have faith and know, You will not be let down!

Technology is the U.S. equilavent to Oil, Take advantage of it and share!

Get all the information you need, today.

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Whatever talents I have are Yours. Bless them, that they might produce much.

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