Pursuing Relationships

Why is the U.S. not pursuing better relationships with Africa?

Do you have sense enough to come in out the rain?

Why, we are going the long way about it? Look how quick we were able to establish working relations with the American, and East Indians and for that point, all the other immigrants. Now, BO says that he working on our immigration policies, so just what does that mean for us?

The CEO says, he working on immigration policies, so what does that tell me about what I should be doing, if I want to keep up with my fellow Americans? I should be working on my relationships. Pursuing RElationships!

Working relationships, do you have to pursue them?

I got an email the other day saying, “I never pursued a relationship with this person”? Why would you have to pursue a relationship with a person, why would any person expect another to pursue a relationship with them? This reminds me of the relationship between the American Indians and the Pilgrims, why would the American Indians pursue a relationship with the Pilgrims?

IF you must pursue a relationship with a person or people, something is wrong. You are already in relationship and all you must do is to keep doing your job, no matter where you are. The problem was, the Pilgrims needed a relationship with the Indians in order to better survive, so they used the American Indians and consequently conquering them. Do you want that to happen with you?

Well that is what’s happening? We rush into empty relationships, following the wrong people and having false expectations. We already know we should love and respect all people. Why would there be closed doors? Now, you understand why everything we have must be locked down and it is all due to bad relationships. You do not want a relationship with anyone who does not want a relationship in turn, so why rush it? Good relationships take time and hard/smart work.

We must go back to the basics and start all over again with the kind of relationships we know we are supposed to have – good old fashion working relationships, which are built on love and respect.

I used to pursue a relationship

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Pursue or be pursued!

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