Noise pollution is human-created sounds that interfere with the natural processes of life, causing harm to health and environment. Transportation vehicles are the worst offenders, with aircraft, railroad stock, trucks... Peace and quietness, we neglect!

A quite moment is hard to find, quickly losing value and is not getting any easier. Though love is a heart and mind thing, more and more we are equating it with noise - praise and worship. Make a joyful noise! Now, we have so many noises, boom boxes, noise pollution, we cannot receive peace and quiet. To top all that, we have the nerve to complain about certain people and their noises. They are just too noisy...?

Then there comes the moving phase. You can’t move without a noise? Please do not get me wrong, noise is good, but what good is it when we are drowning in it? Further, we cannot get peace and quietness? We need a healthy balance of both.

Really, we do not like noises. We want quiet running machines, but the way we are going about, we are glorifying noise. Got to have the sound effects. We want everything but peace and quiet.

Quietness is like a fearless, featureless, wordless, time honored creature, which stands up to creatures so many times its size! Fight or flight, the challenge is knowing when to do which? Otherwise, you just might get hit.

Better is a handful with quietness, than both the hands full with travail and vexation of spirit.

Take time out to reflect in the quietness. Listen and trust your inner voice

We have learned.

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