Rationalize and Revolutionize

Art, what are  you doing?

Rationalize and Revolutionize life as we know it today?

Education is reasoning limited to particular theoretical perspective, which more often than not, leads to failing to go beyond established limits. Hence, there are two standards by which to measure rationalization.

Uneducated folks do not know that difference, therefore are more apt to go further with less. So there needs to be a healthy balance of both. Then, why do we look down on uneducated and up to the educated?

Do you have a choice? How many more will have to break open the old "piggy bank" in order to provide for themselves and families? Why did we ever stop?

Mine has been broke and it is just a matter of hanging on until enough other people bring my lifestyle to the attention of those who can make a difference. The old saying used to be, "As long as Black Folk are poor, who cares".

I see it as a great experience and oppotunity to encounter and engage more of the brightest people in life. Human relations and many other intellectual opportunities shall grow. We will improve and become a better connected society to global events.

I most often see Rationalize or Revolutionize, but why not both? This may be another sign of how the uneducated thinks.

Revolutionize, to change radically or radically change. Is not that's what needed? Does not our economy need a revolutionary change? So what are the means to revolutionize?

To communicate effectively you have to spend time thinking: first about what you want to do and then its value. Then you have to be able to execute.

There's one simple reason why most people don't make the improvements in their lives they long for: The reason is nothing is going to change in your life you if they don't take conscious action to make it happen.

You have a choice: Let's see, is this really a choice?

Either you go after the knowledge and opportunities to make a difference in your life...


Choose to ignore them. So if you want to call that a choice, then those are your choices. Over rationalizing will cause you to do nothing, because it might shake things up a little too much in your relatively 'comfortable life'.

If your current belief systems and way of life haven't gotten you where you really want to be...Then you need something else. Because you makeup "us", the whole.

It's as simple as that.

Don't 'over rationalize' opportunities and take a 'revolutionary' approach. We in dire need of something different. Take rational action as opportunities present themselves and revolutionize life as we know it today.

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You are the message?

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