Rebuilding our Economy is Rebuilding Its People

And whether you like health reform or not, our people are struggling like hell. Though an important step, it is just one step.

Somehow, we have so configured and further complicated matters that very little can get done, in our economy, without money. That brings on its own inherit problems. We have made Money our greatest incentive to do anything and that is what we are working with. Just think about it for a moment! There is a large pot of money and everybody is competing for it. Though we have had some great success, serious double standards ruined them. Hence, today is proof that we have failed miserably.

Demographics, we are deliberately and constantly trying to separate ourselves when, like it or not, we are just one big needy family. I will leave that where it is.

Now here is the deal, it is all about people and helping people help themselves. That is the bottom line to it all. That is why we exist.

There are certain industries, not special interest groups, needed to ensure the survival of any people and any economy-- clothing, food, water, shelter, transportation, repairs... Today, due to poor management, these very industries are being seriously threatened, they are our economy. Those industries should be our first priorities and well covered. They are industries we can not afford to lose nor play with.

Further, I know there are good talented, deserving citizens willing to take on these tasks—minus the double standards. They have proven themselves, but for many reasons, can not afford to participate. They are of great courage, strength, resolve, and determination, just like you. We recruit the lacks of them everyday, but for what purpose? They care and nurture what they have. They have faith .... yet they carry too many burdens.

One important way to rebuild trust and confidence in our communities, for our communities to achieve the independence and financial security we truly deserve; their entrepreneurial skills must be employed, encouraged and supported, while they are the people who make-up this great nation.

If and when they are successful in their targets, they will support other struggling citizens and this will significantly improve the state or our economy, in the manner that it should. If you can not trust them, then why should they trust you?

If these citizens fail due to natural calamities or other misfortunes beyond their control, then we will have to re-consider and implement additional means of helping them--common sense.

Rebuilding our Economy is Rebuilding Its People, one person and one step at a time. For what other reason do we exist? There is no other way to invest into our people, jump start our economy, spend money; other than helping the people who make up this great nation to help themselves. What does our Pledge of Allegiance say?

Gone Green, your inner

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