Recent Economic Crisis Something Good

The most recent U.S. economic crisis,,, There is something good in everything,,,Responsible for the toppling of a regime.

Here is one of the greatest examples of what a people of vision can do. The most recent and greatest economic crisis of the century has given way to the greatest economic change in the history of America.

It has given the American people, with vision, an opportunity to implement much needed change. It reflects the genuine will and desire of the American people for greater moral and ethical standards. It has proven how well a people can unite, in midst confusion and chaos; and harmoniously work together to achieve that end. That is awesome within itself.

In desperate efforts to help gain control of cronyism and out of control spending in the U.S., by an administration deemed very troubling, not credible, cooked elections and threatening the freedom, security and prosperity of the U.S., democrats were able to take advantage of this one and only opportunity to implement and execute peaceful change.

We all knew a change was well overdue, but as a people, there seemed to be very little we could do and many U.S. leaders, including religious leaders, and lawmakers hesitated to voice skepticism over the outcome, just going along with the status quo. Active inertia?

By the end of Republican President G. W. Bush’s administration, Americans had enough. Democrats knew something drastic must be done and it had to be done NOW, in order to save our country. The only way to do that was to oust Republicans and that meant starting at the top. Further, to help rally for this cause, democrats very cleverly chose, then, Democratic Senator Barack Obama to spearhead this campaign-- desperate times drastic measures.

With the help of mass media, Democrats were able to successfully rally around poor decisions made by republicans, especially during the Bush administration. And during one of the most profound elections in the history of American, Senator Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden were elected, toppling a regime and slamming the door on a racial past. Now, is the ongoing challenge and effort of restoring public confidence, while at the same time, making progress. None of which could have happened without the greatest economic crisis of the century.

There is smart and then there is democratic smart.

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