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Every offline small business (ex., vender, landscaper, fitness trainer) would like a web presence. With many, there is a learning curve, they do not know. Many do not have a clue and they role with the flow. Decisions and dollars = wasted time and energy, till they are past that learning curve. It is all based upon hearsay, translates into "word of mouth". Local biz!

If you are in the business of helping people; you honestly want to see more people succeed. What do they know about the voices of poverty, what do they know about the voices of hunger or sharing with a people who do not have near as many opportunities? Many do not know nearly as much as you and it has been that way for a while.

You are special, just like me and a mighty few others; we are in it for the long run. We are not selfish, we love to help, and make great sacrifices, in doing so. We enjoy the rewards of sharing-- If there is a such thing, Sitesell has it.

The proof, from 0 to top-ten, and within the top ten on Google, Old Capitol Treasures was and still is --Number 1--, of three hundred thousand, for the key words: Old Capitol Treasures; all in one after noon. There is great potential there?

The internet is changing lives and life styles and just as it has done for me, the internet can certainly do the same for others. Today, the internet is "the greatest wealth of information". The Magic!

What happens when a life is changed forever? Teach a kid to read, see pics, ask for help, share a story. Not every person can speak for themselves, and Sitesell, Dr. Ken Evoy and crew, has already figured most of it out. eLearning!

What is our part?

Ministers are taking their ministries to the streets. Just think how many more and with greater speed, you could reach via the internet. You probably wouldn't need to hang around at Wal-mart.

According to a recent Harris poll, 72% of American households, (what about the rest of the free world) are thinking about starting a home-based business --, 72% of the people we know! If we only reach 20%, think about the number of people you have helped, before the internet. Now, factor in the internet.

When that little light bulb comes on in their head, the same as it did with you. What a feeling! Like Imodium AD is to a "bad case of food poisoning". The father to the son. So is sitesell to the internet and whatever serious undertaking, whatever it is you are doing. Journaling, sharing experiences, voicing opinions, selling and trading goods--you never know who needs your information. Families sharing memories and email alerts to let them know you have added new information.

Check it out! It's all on the web. With the internet, more so than ever, our lives are an open book, a great part of what we learn comes from books. Why not share?

Share your life? Share your ministry? Share your needs--you never know who you may help? And as for me, sitesell is the best company to do that with. The special free prize inside every e-box of SBI!...

Thank you for your referrals.

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SiteSell Referral Program

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